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With 41 years of experience, Little Red Nursery has grown tremendously. Our roots began in our original location – a gas and service station. We began by selling plants and renting VHS videos. Yes, we were a funny combination business of the 80’s! Our legacy of outstanding service began from our humble beginnings. We are a family-owned business that prides ourselves in providing high quality plants, information and services in a beautiful and fun environment. At Little Red Nursery, we want to help you get the most out of your home and garden environment. Throughout the year we offer free seminars and classes to help you care for your yard and to introduce you to what is new and exciting in the garden.

In 2001 to further our commitment to education, Anna Johnson, our company spokesperson and owner began providing timely garden tips on Fox, NBC and various cable channels. Anna was born and raised here in Lubbock and is a Coronado High School and Texas Tech graduate. Little Red Nursery also provides school tours to help our youngsters awaken the appreciation of nature at any age. Our newest location at 4415 Woodrow Road is an 8400sq ft state of the art greenhouse. This location will help serve Cooper Schools with learning opportunities along with offering various work-study opportunities with Texas Tech Horticulture Department. Our landscaping division, Little Red Landscapes, is headed by a graduate of the Texas Tech Landscape Architecture program. Landscaping adds value to your home and is great physical exercise while promoting mental health as well.

As a long-time garden center, we chose to start a new location to better serve the people living in the Southwest part of town because Lubbock is growing that direction. We plan to open this new location April 1st, 2023. We were voted Best Garden Center again this year and were voted one of the top 10 garden centers in Texas by Southern Living Magazine.

Being local we know that plants grown locally are acclimated better to our environment and help the home gardener’s success when planting. Our Head Grower, also a Tech grad, is renowned for his top-quality geraniums, bedding plants and vegetable plants. We also carry Monrovia trees, shrubs, and roses at both locations. We will only grow plants that thrive in the West Texas climate. Our customer service is above all else exceptional as we are all experienced gardeners and landscapers. We can provide you with all the knowledge or landscaping services to have a glorious garden.

Little Red Nursery has refined its offerings and includes beautiful home decor and house plants that can help you create a peaceful and beautiful oasis indoors or out. These items will be primarily at the original location until a retail building is constructed at the new store, ETA 2025.

Our company has chosen Lubbock Impact as its primary outreach. Because we are proud supporters of our community, our company has this involvement with them.

We support the Lubbock and West Texas community by providing education, resources and networking opportunities to promote the importance of preserving and conserving the landscape. We will be implementing a rainwater catchment system at the new location and will be looking to use what we can naturally. We continue to seek and spread ways to promote the love of gardening with regard to civic and environmental responsibility. In an effort to do so, we have hosted many groups and gatherings at Little Red Nursery and have guest-spoken at many off-site events as well. We are looking for any way possible to help the community grow and grow with the community.

Little Red Nursery

4006 34th St. Lubbock, TX

4415 Woodrow Rd. Lubbock, TX

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