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Hotter than the Tabasco and the Cayenne peppers, the Thai Dragon pepper is a fantastic hybrid pepper with incredible flavor and heat! Also known as the Thai Volcano, these peppers aren't deemed "super hot," but their spicy flavor makes them feel like one!

The Thai Dragon pepper plants are incredibly prolific, producing up to 200 peppers! Luckily, the plants have strong branches that can steadily hold all their peppers. These will stretch up to 2-4" long, thin, curved, bright red peppers that’ll look gorgeous to decorate inside your home, on porches, or in your garden. The Thai Dragon hot pepper will ripen from green to bright red (like a dragon’s breath!) and are ready to harvest when they turn red. Keep in mind that they will dry easily on the plant or when picked. If some peppers are still on the plant during the end of summer, hang them indoors as a decoration piece and save them for some spicy recipes!

Expect some amazing fruity fiery flavors from this Thai pepper variety, along with incredible heat! These Thai Red Dragon peppers are great to add to a variety of culinary dishes, especially in Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese cuisine. If you like Thai cooking or any spicy Asian-style cuisine, the Thai Dragon chili is perfect to grow as it is a common ingredient in many Asian dishes. You can freeze or pickle them, and they dry well for long storage.

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